Bodyweight workout

Need some extra training during the school holidays? Try out this awesome Action bodyweight workout. Complete this 3 times a week along with your regular training to see huge gains to strength and stamina.


15x pushups, touch chest to focus pad on ground (40-50mm thick, a book works fine as a substitute)

15x situps

25x star jumps

15x squats

Hold sitting position against wall x 60 seconds

10 tuck jumps over chair/bench/rail x 2 sets

10 lunges x 2 sets

Triceps dips x 25 x 2 sets – use a chair, step, bench etc

5x chin ups x 2 sets – try and do more! See notes below

Plank position x 30 seconds

Laying on elbows, cycling with legs x 30 seconds

Chin up notes: try and find a suitable bar in your area. Playgrounds are great – swing sets, monkey bars etc. You could also use rafters or even a tree branch, but you might want to wear gloves or throw a towel over it so you don’t tear up your hands. Grab with your palms facing towards you for an easier chin up that works your biceps more, but for the best effect have your palms facing away.

Chin up alternative: Inverted rows are a good way to start working those muscles if you can’t do a proper chin up, and can be performed using a handrail or sturdy table. Lie on your back underneath, grab the rail or edge of the table, and pull yourself up keeping your heels on the ground and your body as rigid as possible. You can adjust the difficulty by keeping more weight on the ground.  Diamond hand pushups (with hands below the centre of your chest) also work.

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