As a member, participant or parent of Tae Kwon-Do Tasmania (Australia) – (The School) – you agree to the rules associated with your conduct and the conduct of those who train with the school. As a result of paying your membership, you have agreed to follow the rules and code of conduct of the school. You also agreed to certain other conditions, these are listed below.

Code of Conduct (the rules):

  • To always be polite to other parents, members and Instructors
  • To always follow the instructions of the Instructors
  • Not to smoke any where near or around the centre you are attending
  • Not to bring food into and centre
  • Not to use your phone in any centre other than when agreed to with the Instructor
  • To always drop participants off within the centre, not having them travel from the parked car to the desk without an Adult
  • To always collect participants from within the centre, having them return to any vehicle with an Adult
  • Only use uniforms approved by the school
  • All uniforms must be cleaned and wrinkle free prior to attending the centre
  • All uniforms must fit the participants so as not to increase any risk of injury to them or others
  • To pay your fees on time
  • Arrive before the advertised start time when participating or bringing participants
  • Arrive prior to the advertised finish time when collecting participants
  • To be well behaved
  • Never perform any action, technique or manoeuvre that may cause injury to another participant

Conditions (other conditions):

You understand and agree that photos or videos may be taken of you, your child or participant and used for advertising or marketing, both in print format and online.

To notify Steven or your Instructor if you have any health condition/s that may cause injury or risk to yourself or other participants. Including but not limited to Asthma, heart conditions, allergies, mental state or physical injuries. All participants are strongly encouraged to have and maintain private health cover.

If a participant, member, parent or student fails to adhere to the rules of the school they will be instructed not to return and their membership will be cancelled. No fees or monies will be returned to them.

If you disagree with any of these rules, you may, within 21 days of paying any membership fees, be entitled to a full refund of the membership fee and any uniform  fees paid.

If you would like clarification about these rules and conditions, please feel free to call Steven Welch on: (03) 6249 8377 / 0418 198 377  or you can send through an email to: