Tae Kwon Do For Kids

Our Children’s program offers a professionally designed and age-specific curriculum that has been been developed to teach children in a fun and enriching way.

As a student in this program, your child will quickly develop higher levels of concentration and self-control. They will become better listeners at home and at school. They will improve their focus, coordination, and fitness.

The age-specific programs are critical for a child’s development. Make sure your child is getting every possible advantage by enrolling them in our school program today. Our children’s program will help you develop their:

  • Coordination
  • Confidence
  • Self Control
  • Concentration
  • Fitness
  • Balance

Allow your children to do a martial art that is a lot of fun and extremely beneficial to their development.


Headquarters Gym
57 Brisbane Street
MON: 5:30pm
WED: 5:30pm
SAT: Tigers (ages 4–6) 9:15am
SAT: All Students 10.:30am


Corpus Christi School
Alma Street
TUE: Beginners 6:00pm
THUR: Senior Class 6:00pm


Blackmans Bay Primary School
Roslyn Avenue
TUE: Beginners 6:00pm
THURS: Senior class 6:00pm


Rosetta Primary School
Riverview Prd
TUE: 5:30pm
THUR: 5:30pm


Sorell High School
Nash Street
MON: Beginners 5:30pm
WED: Beginners 5:30pm


Lauderdale Primary School
3 Acton Road
TUE: 3:00pm